Ever Feel Trapped? Like Your Body Doesn't Feel Right?!

Despite all your best efforts. Endless Google Searches, Scrolling IG, Spending Hours "Doing The Right" Exercises, Massage, Chiropractor, Expensive Physical Therapy, Doctor Visits. 

Nothing Working. 

You continue to experience 

- Bladder Leaks

- Pelvic Floor Problems

- Back Pain

- Weak Abs

- Low Energy

- Difficulty Losing Weight

Does this sound familiar?

Work With Me

Nice to meet you!

Welcome. I am so happy you are here!

I’m a mom of 3 AND a doctor of orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapy. I am a wife, triathlete and runner.

I understand the frustration, embarrassment and hopelessness of pelvic floor dysfunction and just "not recognizing your body".  I wasn't always a pelvic floor physical therapist. And have experienced the struggles of trying "all the things", nothing working, not knowing what to do next.

Wondering how to fix prolapse, "why can't I hold my bladder", "why is sex painful?" "Will I always feel uncomfortaole down there?", back pain that made me want to scream inside. Making me on-edge, snappy and not the mom I wanted to be.

Experiencing and overcoming these struggles is EXACTLY why I created Active Motherhood. Moms deserve HOPE and support. So, I created a SIMPLE, practical and proven system with a clear plan to fix your core and pelvic floor problems. You CAN feel like yourself again without surgery, without intense workouts, even if you've tried it all! My approach is unique and simple.

You are more POWERFUL than you know, mama!



Fast forward...

Life is much easier! No back pain, no prolapse, better bladder control than my husband, running without leaks, the spark is back in the bedroom, smiling from my soul, able to carry my kiddos, chase and play obstacle course without setbacks. Strong, confident and feeling like myself again!  Racing triathlons again, my kiddos cheering me on! They are learning the value of an active lifestyle and I get to be the YES! mom who adventures with them.

Yes! to jumping on the trampoline.

Yes! to playing tag in the yard.

Yes! to sledding down the hill.

Yes! to carrying my daughter without pain.

Yes! to a vibrant marriage. 

Are you ready to wake up smiling with more energy than a toddler, strong, confident and feeling like yourself again?

My Methods: TWO Options

1. Elite Coaching or

2. Membership

No kegels, surgery, pads, devices, or medication. This is a proven system that worked for me and dozens of other women to take back control. Ditch back pain, conquer prolapse and fix bladder leaks!

Elite Coaching Includes...and MORE!

Posture and Movement Analysis

Virtual Coaching With Me (Doctor of orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist) 

Unlimited Private Messaging Support (Like having a PT in your pocket)

Customized Plan

Rehab & Build Strength At Home. On YOUR Schedule!

Work With Me

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Pregnancy, Postpartum & Post-kid(s)

To Help You Fix Back Pain, Bladder Leaks, Pelvic Floor Problems, Tone Your Abs, Conquer Prolapse and Boost Energy

In the convenience of your home with physical therapist instructed videos.


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